12 Signs God Is Sending You a Warning

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Discover the signs that God uses to warn and guide His children.

1. A sudden feeling of unease or dread can be a sign from God to pay attention and trust your intuition.

2. Recurring disturbing thoughts or dreams may be God's way of alerting you to something important.

3. Sudden life changes like job loss or a breakup may indicate God is trying to redirect your path.

4. Unexpected disagreements with loved ones could be God's way of getting your attention.

5. A strong sense of conviction may be a sign from God, urging you to take action.

6. A sudden feeling of peace after prayer or reading the Bible can reassure you that God is guiding you.

7. Meaningful scripture verses or song lyrics may hold messages from God.

8. Chance encounters with people carrying important messages may be God's way of communicating with you.

9. Experiencing miraculous events can serve as a reminder of God's presence and love.

10. A sense of urgency might indicate that God wants you to take immediate action.

11. Feelings of heaviness or darkness in your spirit may signal a warning from God.

Trust that God loves you and wants what's best for you. He uses these signs to protect and guide His children.