1958 penny sold for $336,000.

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Coin collectors seek valuable coins based on factors like date, mintage, errors, and grade.

A 1958 penny sold for $336,000 due to a double die error during the strike process.

Double die occurs when coin features are struck multiple times, causing misalignment in letters and images.

A TikToker advised searching for 1958 Philadelphia double die obverse wheat pennies for potential value.

Doubling is a noticeable error, making it relatively easy for collectors to identify valuable coins.

The 1958 penny's value is attributed to the double die error, but its grade (MS-64 RD) is also crucial.

Professional Coin Grading Services (PCGS) certifies coins, and RD indicates sufficient original red coloring.

Mint State condition may also contribute to a penny's grade, emphasizing its overall state and quality.