3 Signs You Should Go on a Second Date

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First dates may lack instant connection, and that's normal. Dating coaches advise considering a second date for a deeper understanding.

Dating coach Erika Ettin emphasizes that dating is about exploring potential connections. A second date provides a chance to learn more.

Sara Tick, a men's dating coach, suggests second dates help overcome initial nerves, allowing a better understanding of true chemistry.

Both coaches share signs to look for during the first date that indicate a second date is worthwhile.

Ettin highlights the importance of having a good time on the first date. Genuine laughter or smiles are positive indicators for a second meetup.

Assess how the date made you feel rather than gauging sexual chemistry. Feeling attractive and a genuine interest indicate a potential connection.

Ettin encourages pursuing a second date even if you're uncertain. Exploring the connection further is valuable, and uncertainty doesn't lead someone on.

Tick advises not discounting someone based on a first date. Unanswered questions indicate a need for a second date, fostering deeper conversations.