Beating Breast Cancer with the Healing Power of Laughter 

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Introducing Queen Stewart, an attorney from South Jersey who discovered a path to healing through the world of stand up comedy.

A Diagnosis; Two years ago Queen was living her life as a lawyer when she received news. Stage 3 breast cancer. This marked the beginning of her transformative journey.

Fighting a Tough Battle; Queen bravely underwent a mastectomy, where 19 lymph nodes were removed. Unfortunately out of those 13 tested positive for cancer. The subsequent chemotherapy brought its set of hardships, including dealing with neuropathy.

Despite her battle with cancer Queen made the decision to venture into the world of comedy.

In between rounds of chemotherapy treatments she enrolled in a comedy course. Fearlessly took to open mic nights.

Queens comedic material draws inspiration from her family as her personal experiences as a cancer patient. She finds humor, in places even recounting conversations she had with her plastic surgeon.

As a survivor herself Queen shares her story with others and uplifts audiences everywhere she performs. She recently launched "Create Urgency," an initiative aimed at encouraging people to find joy and seize every moment in life.

Queen Stewart is going to share her survival story as a guest speaker, at the American Cancer Societys Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk on Sunday, October 15th.

The walk commences at 8;30 a.m. At Jack Curtis Stadium located in Cooper River Park, Camden, NJ. Lets come together and make progress in the fight against breast cancer.