Copper Lincoln penny worth up to $840,000

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In the world of coin collecting, one year on a coin can make all the difference. Discover how a 1943 Lincoln penny might turn into a fortune.

There are different designs of the Lincoln penny to remember. These include the wheat ears, memorial cent, and the union shield on the reverse.

One specific design to watch out for is the wheat ears reverse. Let's explore why this is crucial for coin enthusiasts.

TikTok user Treasure Town is your go-to for knowledge about rare and valuable coins. Learn how much your Lincoln pennies could be worth.

Look for any copper Lincoln cent from 1943. Understand why this one year is unique and holds great value.

In 1943, a copper shortage during World War II led to a remarkable exception

The most valuable piece – the 1943-D penny. Delve into the record-breaking sale of an "MS64BN" grade penny for $840,000 in 2021.

Keep in mind the grading system and the potential worth of your collection. Coin grades only go up to 70, so handle your coins with care.