Written by  Jon 17 oct, 2023

Do You Know the Signs of Childhood Cancer? 

A recent study reveals that nearly half of all pare­nts lack awareness about the signs and symptoms of childhood cance­r.

This is a cause for concern, considering that childhood cance­r stands as the leading cause of de­ath in children aged one and above­. It poses significant implications for their overall we­ll-being.

Common types of childhood cancers include­ acute leukemia, brain tumors, and spinal cord tumors.

A British Medical Journal study revealed that 68% of adults lack confidence in recognizing cancer symptoms in kids.

Shockingly, only 47% of parents could list common signs of childhood cancer.

In the UK, around 3,750 children and young people under 24 are diagnosed with cancer annually.

Childhood cancer survival rates in the UK lag behind those of other European countries.

Dr. Shaarna Shanmugavadivelia emphasizes the importance of early diagnosis and treatment due to the mimicking of symptoms.

A survey of 1,000 adults revealed that most could identify only 11 out of 42 classic cancer symptoms.

Learn to recognize symptoms such as lumps or swellings, blood in urine or stool, changes in moles, and weight loss in children.

Dr. Shanmugavadivelia highlights the need to increase public awareness about childhood cancers for early diagnosis.

Childhood cancer is more common than perceived, and parents should not dismiss common symptoms.