10 Cheapest Places to Live in California

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People often think of life in Cali as super expensive, but there are places you can live and not be a millionaire.

Fresno is an affordable place to live. It has pretty neighborhoods and outdoor attractions.


Bakersfield is known for having cheap living accommodations. The area also gives good job opportunities.


Merced has the small town feeling that most people want. And it doesn’t break the bank.


If the high prices of homes worry you, Hemet has some affordable options. Plus, a pleasant climate.


Redding gives you a view of Shasta Lake while staying inside your budget. As an added bonus, there’s also many outdoor activities.


Owning a home in Chico won’t turn you into a debt slave. There’s also a thriving community and college town vibes.


Modesto will have something for everyone to love with its diverse community. Oh and homes aren’t expensive here either.


Don’t skip out on Yuba City. You’ll find peace here and not have to spend much of anything when it comes to housing.

Yuba City

Visalia’s got great schools and affordable living like the rest of these cities we’ve included here as well.