How to Ease Bloating and Burn Fat Faster: A Nutritionist's Tip

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Always feeling bloated even with all your healthy habits? A nutritionist shares simple remedies.

Bloatedness frequently boils down to constipation, according to Nutritionist Clarissa Lenherr. If you are straining yourself from eating, eat more fibre.

To prevent bloating from worsening, gradually include fibrous foods in your diet.

Increasing the fiber helps with weight management, helping to fill you up and keep you satisfied, says Clarissa.

Aim for around 30g of soluble plus insoluble fiber daily, recommends Dr. Michael Mosley.

Add avocado, beans, oats, pears plus nuts to your meals for a fibre boost.

Choose high-fiber cereals, like Weetabix, whole grains and wholemeal bread.

Include some vegetables, pulses, and fruit with meals and between the meal snacks.

Small changes make a big difference.

Follow these simple tips to beat the bloat and feel more hale and hearty.