6 Easy Ways to Make Your Bananas Last Longer

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Fresh fruit is a delightful treat, but maintaining the perfect banana can be a challenge.

Here are six effective tips to ensure your bananas stay fresh and delicious.

– Bananas release ethylene gas, but hanging them slows the process. – Hanging keeps them from bruising as they ripen.

Hang Your Bananas:

Choose the greenest bananas to allow them to ripen slowly at home.

Buy Green Bananas: 

Use plastic wrap or aluminum foil to wrap banana stems individually.

Wrap Banana Stems: 

Store fully ripened bananas in the fridge to extend freshness.

Place Ripe Bananas in the Fridge

Freeze peeled, individual bananas or banana slices in airtight bags.

Freeze Your Bananas:

– A product that slows down ripening with a cute knit "hat." – How It Works: Silicone cup blocks ethylene gas release.

Buy a Banana Hat: 

Enjoy your delicious, fresh bananas for longer with these simple tips.