Unveiling the Hidden Value of Dimes

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A coin collector discovers a potential $456,000 dime, seeking help from expert Eric Miller.

Miller, a coin expert, labels it one of the world's rarest dimes, emphasizing its uniqueness.

Proof dimes must have a reflective finish, demonstrated by Miller's video, and be from 1975 without an S mintmark.

Miller advises getting the dime graded for its true value, crucial in determining its worth.

In 2019, a proof dime fetched $456,000 at a Heritage Auctions sale, highlighting its high value.

Another valuable dime, accidentally struck on 90% silver in 1965, is worth $13,200.

Silver dimes weigh 2.5 grams, heavier than nickel-copper ones, with a fully silver edge.

Rare coins, like these dimes, hide in plain sight, surprising collectors with unexpected treasures.