Nickel worth $281,750 if you know double die details on obverse

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– Have you checked your spare change lately? You might want to after hearing this incredible story about a nickel worth $281,750!

– From 1913 to 1938, the Buffalo Nickel was an iconic coin, featuring a Buffalo on the reverse and a Native American on the obverse.

– Coin enthusiast Diggin Dave discovered a special 1916 Buffalo Nickel with a double die error, adding significant value.

– Double die errors occur when the coin's design strikes multiple times, causing letters, numbers, and images to appear twice but in slightly different places.

– To find the double die error, focus on the 1916 date, particularly the one, nine, and six.

– The Buffalo Nickel, designed by sculptor James Earle Fraser, showcases a Native American on the obverse and a bison on the reverse.

– A total of 63,498,066 Buffalo Nickels were minted in Philadelphia without a mintmark.

– Discovering rare and valuable coins often begins with checking your spare change, especially those with low mintages, errors, or well-struck designs.

– eBay is a great platform to determine your coin's worth. Search for the full coin name, select "sold" listings, and toggle to "highest value."