Written by  Jon 18 oct, 2023

Hidden Treasures in Your Pockets: Rare Australian Coins Worth Thousands

Australia reveals "excessively rare" 50c coins, some worth up to $15,000.

Collectors and residents are urged to check their pockets for potential small fortunes.

The 1988 50c coin should feature a First Fleet ship and bicentenary dates but some wrongly have the standard coat of arms.

A Melbourne coin auctioneer sold one such coin for $14,750, calling it an "unsuspecting rarity."

In a TikTok video, Downies Collectibles revealed the coin's uniqueness.

Commemorative 1988 50c coins were meant to be the only type minted that year.

A rare phenomenon produced these coins with the standard coat of arms.

Only one officially graded uncirculated example reported. The coin is among the rarest Australian mules.