Rare 50p Coins Worth Up to £900

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Cash isn't obsolete; discover the potential fortune in your spare change.

The Royal Mint releases limited edition coins, some selling for 1,800 times face value.

Coin design, condition, and circulation affect the worth; knowledge is key.

Discover rarity by checking mintage figures; fewer coins mean potential higher value.

The 2011 Triathlon 50p, depicting the Olympic sport, can sell for £15.

 Wrestling-themed 50p from 2011, designed by Roderick Enriquez, fetches up to £12.

Rare 50p Football coin, explaining offside rule, can reach £31 in value.

The Kew Gardens 50p, with only 210,000 in circulation, can sell for up to £950.

Use eBay to check coin values; beware of fakes and utilize online valuation tools.