Taylor Swift Absent, Travis Kelce Injured 

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– Taylor Swift was noticeably missing from the Chiefs-Vikings game on October 8, where Travis Kelce suffered an apparent ankle injury.

– Commentator Jim Nantz, live on CBS, expressed disbelief, saying, "Taylor Swift is not at the game." Swift fans were left disappointed.

– A fan held up a sign asking, "Where's Taylor?" Another sign cleverly connected Kelce's number 87 and Swift's lucky number 13, saying, "Kelce make a Swift TD."

– Some fans in the stands proudly wore jerseys that read "SWIFTIE" on the back, showcasing their support for Taylor.

– On the field, Travis Kelce seemed to trip on the turf, sustaining a non-contact ankle injury. He left the field for treatment.

– Reporter Tracy Wolfson revealed that Kelce was determined to return to the game, with his right foot securely wrapped. He wanted to play.

– Kelce, despite the injury, rejoined the game and scored a touchdown. An announcer exclaimed, "Kelce comes off the X-ray table and finds the endzone."