The Value of $2 Bills: More Than You Think

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Has anybody ever considered a two dollar bill to be only worth two dollars? Think again!

some $ 2 bill sells for thousands in the collectibles markets.

Even some bills from the past thirty years are valued at hundreds of dollars.

$2 is worth a rich history that has been printed since 1862.

Most of the $2 bills printed before 1976 have high premiums over their face value.

These can be worth up to $4,500, while most are in the $550 to $2,500 ballpark.

Bills from 1869 can fetch $3,800 or more on the collectibles market.

Certain uncirculated $2 bills from 1995 can be valued at $500.

Special editions, like the 2003 Federal Reserve set, may be worth $700 or more.

However, you should remember that spends wise; their value doesn’t change in the shop.