The value of your $1 Sacagawea coin might be $11,000.

Tilted Brush Stroke
Curved Dotted Line

CHEERIOS fans, did you know there's a $11,000 coin hidden in your cereal boxes?

A collector found a $1 Sacagawea Dollar coin with a unique feather error.

In 2000, Cheerios included this coin in their cereal boxes as part of a US Mint promotion.

This coin features a sculpted portrait of Sacagawea, a key figure in American history.

The unique tail feather modification on the coin's backside makes it valuable.

A Cheerios coin recently sold for a whopping $11,700.

Compare your coin to the standard version to spot the distinctive tail feathers.

Coin grades range from 1-70; higher grades mean higher values.

Don't forget, vintage coins can hold hidden value – check online sources and handle with care.