Your penny could be worth $48,000 

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Break open piggy banks; coins inside may be worth up to $48,000 due to various factors.

Coins appreciate with errors, mintage, grading, and historical significance; collectors pay generously.

Errors like double dies, material mixups, proofs, etc., make coins highly sought after.

Recently sold for $48,000, the 1793 Liberty Cap is the smallest US coin, one two-hundredth of a dollar.

Minted in copper, Liberty Cap coins feature Lady Liberty on the front and a wreath on the back.

Five different designs exist, with Liberty looking left on this coin, a relic of the past.

Despite its small value, the Liberty Cap played a crucial role in the monetary system of the 1790s.

Detailed die errors, like the short "7" and misplacement of letters, make this coin extremely valuable.