Your quarter may be worth $5,000 

Tilted Brush Stroke
Curved Dotted Line

Most people ignore the coins they receive during purchases, not realizing some might be worth a fortune.

Collectors and experts carefully search for rare and valuable coins due to their age or distinctive features.

Bowers Coins (@thebowerscoinshow) on TikTok shares how to spot special coins.

Identify a 1965 quarter with an eagle on the back. Check the edge - if it's silver, not copper and nickel, it could be worth over $5,000.

The surefire way to confirm a silver quarter is to weigh it. A genuine one should be 6.25 grams.

Some quarters, like the Dr. Sally Ride design, can be worth over $10,000 due to unique errors.

Hidden in your pocket could be a valuable treasure. Keep an eye out for these special quarters and start your coin hunt today!