You've Never Had Watermelon Like This Before

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Watermelon, often enjoyed cold, can also be cooked in surprising ways. Explore the world of fried watermelon for a unique culinary experience.

For a simple twist, pan fry watermelon slices. Use less-ripened melons for a savory taste. Pat them dry to reduce splattering in hot oil.

Enhance the flavor by marinating the slices. Garlic-soy or seasoning rubs work well. Top with balsamic glaze and feta for a delightful combination.

Pair pan-fried watermelon with light dishes like risotto or citrus desserts. The slight chewiness contrasts nicely with crunchy accompaniments.

Experience deep-fried watermelon, a unique treat. Choose a citrus-forward beer batter for a crowd-pleasing result.

Avoid overcrowding the fryer to achieve a golden, non-greasy finish. Experiment with sweet or savory variations.

Try a spicy chili dip or yogurt tzatziki to balance the sweetness of deep-fried watermelon.

Watermelon isn't just for slicing; it can be a surprising addition to your savory or sweet dishes. Dare to fry up this summery favorite!