25 Hairstyles for Super Straight Hair That Will Make You Look Like a Supermodel

If you’re someone who loves to stay updated with the latest haircut trends, you’ve probably noticed that they’re constantly changing. From bottleneck bangs to the modern shag, there’s always something new to try. But here’s a secret: you can still be stylish while embracing your natural hair type. Let’s explore some haircut ideas that work perfectly with naturally straight hair.

New Haircut Ideas for Naturally Straight Hair

1. Close Cropped Pixie

If you’re looking to add texture to your straight hair, consider a close-cropped pixie cut. It’s a chic and trendy option that creates a lot of texture, which can be a bit challenging to achieve with straight hair. Just keep in mind that this style requires regular maintenance and styling.

2. Side-Swept Pixie

Similar to the close-cropped pixie, the side-swept pixie can also add texture to your straight hair. It features side-swept bangs that give dimension to your haircut, just like Halle Berry and Carey Mulligan.

3. Undercut Pixie

For an edgier twist on the pixie cut, go for an undercut pixie. It combines the classic pixie with a partially shaved look, giving it a modern touch. Keep in mind that the undercut may require some upkeep as your hair grows.

4. Mixie Hairstyle

The mixie haircut is a variation of the mullet that works beautifully on straight hair. It features the short-long dynamic of a mullet on a short pixie cut. It’s edgy, low-maintenance, and can be styled naturally with straight hair or with a texturizing product for a messy look.

5. Chin-Length Blunt Cut

A chin-length blunt cut is a cute and sleek option for those with thinner, straight hair. It doesn’t thin out the ends of your hair, making it perfect for straight hair. You can style it in various ways to suit your preferences.

6. Razored Bob

If you want to add some texture to your straight hair, consider a razored bob. This cutting technique results in wispier-looking ends, giving your hair a modern and stylish look. It’s a great way to stand out with straight hair.

7. Asymmetrical Bob

The asymmetrical bob offers a unique and dynamic look for straight hair. It takes the benefits of blunt cuts and adds an interesting angle to the style. It’s perfect if you’re looking for something more distinctive.

8. Bob With Bangs

Add straight bangs to the classic bob for a customized look. Straight bangs complement straight hair beautifully. You can find inspiration from celebrities like Zendaya and Maisie Williams.

9. Long Bob Haircut (Lob)

The long bob, or “lob,” is a versatile option that works well with straight hair. Falling between the chin and shoulders, it’s suitable for those with naturally straight hair. Its blunt cut is particularly great for thinner, straight hair types.

10. Lob With Bangs

You can also add bangs to the lob cut to personalize your hairstyle further. Bangs can enhance your natural features, and there are various styles to choose from, ranging from baby to bottleneck.

11. Blunt Cut With Underlights

To add pizzazz to your blunt cut, consider underlights, a hair coloring technique applied to the underside of your hair. It adds depth and design to your haircut, creating a unique look.

12. Face-Framing Fringe

Soft, face-framing fringe can make your short haircut work wonders. It adds a softer touch to the hairstyle, maintaining the illusion of fullness that straight cuts provide.

13. Wispy Bangs

For a softer look, opt for wispy bangs, which contrast the straight edge of a blunt cut. This style has been worn by celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

14. Trendy Mullet

The mullet is making a comeback, and it can work on naturally straight hair too. The customizability of the cut can add depth and dimension to your straight hair.

15. Edgy Wolf Cut

The wolf cut is a mix of the shag and mullet hairstyles. It’s edgy and trendy, featuring shorter choppy layers on top and longer ones on the sides and back. It’s a more wearable alternative to the traditional mullet.

16. Shag Haircut

The shag is a feathery cut with full layers around the crown and thinner ones on the sides and ends. It’s perfect for adding volume and texture to thinner straight hair.

17. Modern Hime Cut

The hime cut is a Japanese-inspired style featuring long, straight hair with blunt bangs and dramatic face-framing pieces. It’s a standout look for those with naturally straight hair.

18. Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs have gained popularity, offering a face-framing style that’s easy to maintain. They pair beautifully with straight hair and add a swoopy look to your hairstyle.

19. Bowl Cut Bangs

The bowl cut is back in fashion, and a bangs version can be a chic and edgy choice, especially when worn with straight hair.

20. Long Blunt Cut With Highlights

If you prefer longer hair, try a long blunt cut with highlights. Highlights add depth to straight hair, and thinner highlights work best for this hair type.

21. Face Framing Layers

Face-framing layers add shape and movement to straight, long hair. They work well for those with thick hair, but longer layers can maintain volume.

22. Wispy Layers

For a lighter layered look, go for wispy layers. They can add texture to your straight hair, giving it a little extra flair.

23. Long Invisible Layers

Invisible layers are great for adding depth and volume to long, straight hair without the appearance of layers. It’s a natural and polished look.

24. Long Hair With Straight Bangs

Straight bangs pair beautifully with long, straight hair, emphasizing your natural hair type. You can choose between blunt or feathery bangs for a customized look.

25. Kim K Cut

Embrace your naturally straight hair with a sleek, long style, like Kim Kardashian’s iconic look. A middle part and hair smoothing products can help you achieve this polished appearance at home.

Remember, your naturally straight hair is unique and beautiful. These haircut ideas are just a starting point for exploring the many possibilities for your hair. Choose the one that suits your style and personality best, and don’t forget to have fun experimenting with different looks!

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